Photo Contest

TSSRM Photo Contest

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2018 Photo Contest Flyer

Texas Photo Contest Categories:

  • Plants
  • Native Wildlife
  • People
  • Ranching & Livestock
  • Texas Landscapes
  • Annual Meeting Theme: “Land Stewardship: Rangelands Providing for Society”

Judging Criteria:

  • Relevancy to Category Topic
  • Composition/Arrangement
  • Focus/Sharpness
  • Creativity

Contest Rules:

  • Deadline for final submission is September 14, 2018. THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE.
  • All photos submitted may be considered for use on the TSSRM website, Grass Roots newsletter and/or in other official TSSRM publications without compensation, but with photographer credit. Photos may also be used by the Society for Range Management (SRM) under the same rules. Submission via email officially authorizes TSSRM (and/or SRM) to use the photos in these venues without further notification.
  • All photographers submitting entries may be considered for random participation prize(s), if given.
  • The Photo Contest committee will select at least one photo from each photographer to be placed into a PowerPoint Presentation to be used between speakers at the annual meeting.
  • PHOTOS WILL BE JUDGED BY SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF TSSRM prior to the meeting. In the event of a large number of entries, the photo contest committee reserves the right to screen the entries prior to submission to the outside judge.
  • Winner of each category as well as Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show will receive a prize, to be determined later. These awards will be announced at the Annual Meeting.
  • Limit of TWENTY (20) entries per member per year.
  • MUST be submitted by a current TSSRM member.
  • All photos submitted must be in JPG or TIF format (no BMP, GIF, etc. accepted).
  • Maximum photo file size of four (4) megabytes (Mb).
  • Submission via email to:
  • Photographer MUST pick a category for photo to be judged in – failure to do so will have your entry considered incomplete and will be returned to you for correction.
  • All submitted photos must follow the format below to be considered for judging. Failure to follow this format will result in photo being returned to you for correction. Failure to correct will result in photo not being considered for judging. (Please do not use initials for the photographer name)
  • More than one photo can be submitted per email. Please be sure to give descriptions for each photo.
  • Photo titles will be displayed on the photo at the annual meeting so try to be creative and unique.

Photo Submission:

Email Subject: Photo Contest Entry
Attachment: Category_PhotographerName_PhotoTitle
Body of Email:
1.   Description of photo
2.   Location where photo was taken
3.   Contact information

Photo Submission Example:

Email Subject: Photo Contest Entry
Attachment: RanchingLivestock_KathleenTraweek_GettingNoseToNose
Body of Email:
Cutting horse going through the motions with calf
Stephenville, TexasKathleen Traweek
PO Box 1234
Timbuktu, TX 98765

Email Digital Photos to: